25th Anniversary
Wave 8
Arctic Trooper Snake Eyes

Wave 9
Cobra B.A.T.

Wave 10
Duke (Tiger Force)
Mutt (with Junkyard)
Cobra Bazooka Trooper
Croc Master
Mercenary Wraith

Wave 11
Zartan (with Chameleon Swamp Skier)
Specialist Trakker
Pilot Scarlett
Sgt. Airborne
Flint in Cobra Disguise
Cobra Eel

Wave 12
Cobra Ninja Viper
Dreadnok Ripper
Cobra Trooper
Cobra Diver

Comic Double Packs
Wave 3
Tomax and Xamot

Wave 5
Cobra Commander and Tripwire

Wave 6
Beachhead and Dataframe
Scrap-Iron and Wild Bill

Wave 8 (GI Joe Resolute)
#2 Tunnel Rat and Storm Shadow

Toys R Us-Exclusive Sting Raider with Copperhead & Swamp-Viper

GI Joe: Resolute 7-Packs
GI Joe Battle Set
Snake Eyes
Sgt. Stalker

Cobra Battle Set
Alley Viper
Cobra Commander
Storm Shadow

The Rise of Cobra

Single-Carded Figures Collection 1
Wave 1
Baroness (Attack on the Joe Pit)
Neo-Viper (Attack on the Joe Pit)
Snake Eyes Ninja Commando
Storm Shadow Ninja Mercenary
Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser (Desert Ambush)

Wave 2
Cobra Commander
Duke (Reactive Impact Armor)
Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)
Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
Shana ''Scarlett'' O'Hara (Desert Ambush)

Wave 3
Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
Cobra Para-Viper
Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser (Delta-6 Accelerator Armor)
Wallace ''Ripcord'' Weems (Reactive Impact Armor)
Snake Eyes (Arctic Assault)
Rex ''The Doctor'' Lewis
Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault) (Masked Version)

Wave 4
Night Adder
Red Fang Ninja

Collection 2
Wave 1
Abel ''Breaker'' Shaz
Cobra Viper Commando (Desert Ambush)
Heavy Duty (Jungle Camo)
Shana ''Scarlet'' O'Hara (Base Camo)
Zartan (Trooper Disguise)

Wave 2
Courtney ''Cover Girl'' Krieger
Heavy Duty (Reactive Impact Armor)
Deep Six
Sgt Stone

Wave 3
Agent Helix
Crimson Neo-Viper
Anthony ''Flash'' Gambello

Wave 4

Desert Battle Desert-Viper
City Strike Duke
Jungle Assault Ripcord
Arctic Threat Storm Shadow
City Strike Snake Eyes

3-Figure Packs
M.A.R.S. Trooper 3-Pack

Deluxe Figure Pack Wave 3 [Target Exclusives - Cancelled]
Desert Battle Ram Cycle with Sandstorm
City Strike Cobra Flight Pod with Elite Viper
Arctic Threat Air Assault Glider with Captain Ace
Jungle Assault Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun with Range-Viper

Movie Offscreen 2 Packs Wave 1 [Walmart Exclusive]
Gung-Ho vs Copperhead
Shockblast vs Night Creeper
Tunnel Rat vs Monkey Wrench

Toys R Us-Exclusives
Carl ''Doc'' Greer

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 1
Mole Pod with Terra-Viper

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 2
Mantis Attack Craft with Aqua-Viper Officer
Sky Sweeper Jet with Air Raid
Snarler Cycle with Wayne ''Beachhead'' Sneeden and Rollbar

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 3 [Cancelled]
Tiger Claw ATV with Leatherneck
Polar Sharc with Ice Storm
Lava Pod with Volcano Viper
Desert Rockslide with Dusty

Bravo Class Vehicles Wave 1
Cobra Gunship with Firefly
Ice Dagger with Frostbite

Bravo Class Vehicles Wave 2 

Rip Attack Vehicles Wave 1
Tiger Snake with Street Viper
Jet Storm Cycle with Snake Eyes

Echo Class Vehicles Wave 1

Echo Class Vehicles Wave 2 [Target Exclusive - Cancelled]

Pursuit of Cobra
Single Carded Figures
Wave 1 2010
1001 Jungle Assault Duke
1002 Desert Battle Snake Eyes (With Timber)
1003 Arctic Threat Snow Job
1004 Desert Battle Storm Shadow
1005 City Strike Beachhead
1006 Cobra Commander (Limited Chase Figure)
1007 City Strike Alley-Viper
1008 City Strike Firefly

Toys R Us Exclusives
Quick Kick

Wave 2 2010
1009 Jungle Assault Snake Eyes (with Tornado Kick Action)
1010 Desert Battle Zartan
1011 Jungle Assault Recondo
1012 Arctic Threat Destro
1013 Jungle Assault Jungle-Viper
1014 Desert Battle Dusty

Wave 1 2011 (AKA Wave 3)
1101 Desert Battle Snake Eyes
1102 Desert Battle Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser
1103 City Strike Cobra Shock Trooper
1104 Arctic Threat Storm Shadow (With Whirlwind Kick Action)

Wave 2 2011 (AKA Wave 4)
1105 Jungle Assault Shadow Tracker
1106 Jungle Assault Skydive
1107 City Strike Destro
1108 City Strike Low-Light

Wave 3 2011 (AKA Wave 5)
1109 Jungle Assault Blowtorch
1110 City Strike General Clayton ''Hawk'' Abernathy
1111 Desert Battle Steel Brigade
1112 City Strike Cobra Trooper
1113 City Strike Cobra Commander
1114 Jungle Assault Jungle BAT

Wave 4 2011 (AKA Wave 6)
1115 Arctic Threat Snake Eyes (AKA Temple Guardian Snake Eyes)
1116 Jungle Assault Crazy Legs
1118 Arctic Threat Rock-Viper
1119 Desert Battle Cobra Viper
1120 City Strike Iron Grenadier

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 1
Doom Cycle with Storm Rider
Ghost Hawk with Tomahawk

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 2
A.W.E. Striker with Night Fox
Cobra Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent Officer

Alpha Class Vehicles Wave 3 [Cancelled]
Desert Battle HISS Attack Scout with Cobra HISS Driver
Cycle Armour with Ashiko

Bravo Class Vehicles Wave 1 
Arctic Threat Wolf Hound with White Out
H.I.S.S. Tank with H.I.S.S. Tank Driver
H.I.S.S. Tank with H.I.S.S. Tank Driver (Black Edition)

Bravo Class Vehicles Wave 2
City Strike Cobra Fury with Alley-Viper
Jungle Assault V.A.M.P. with Double-Clutch

Mobile Mech Suits
City Strike Cobra Deviant with Cyber-Viper
Jungle Assault Steel Marauder with Kickstart

30th Anniversary 
Single Carded Figures
Wave 1
Sgt Stalker

Wave 2
Renegades Duke
Renegades Firefly
Renegades Snake Eyes
Renegades Cobra Commander

Wave 3
Renegades Scarlett
Renegades Tunnel Rat
Renegades Ripcord
Renegades Cobra Trooper
Renegades Storm Shadow

Wave 4
Renegades Airtight
Renegades Law & Order

Dreadnok Battle Set
Burn Out
Clyde ''Gnaw'' Hyde
Road Pig
Deadnok Thunder

Slaughter's Marauders Battle Set
Vincent ''Falcon'' Falcone
Gabriel ''Barbecue'' Kelly
Spirit Iron-Knife
David ''Red Dog'' Taputapu
Varujan ''Bull'' Ayvazyan
Felix ''Mercenary'' Stratton

Mid-Size Vehicles
Black Dragon VTOL with Cobra Air Trooper
VAMP Mk II with Steel Brigade Delta

Large-Size Vehicles
SkyStriker Jet with Captain Ace

GI Joe Basic Assortment (''AKA The Dollar General GI Joes'')
Wave 1

Storm Shadow
Snake Eyes
Cobra Commander
Cobra Trooper

GI Joe: Retaliation
Wave 1
GI Joe Trooper (Brown Cloak Version)

Wave 2
Joe Colton
Lady Jaye

Wave 4
Blind Master

3-Packs Wave 1
Ninja Showdown [Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Red Ninja]
Ninja Dojo [Kamakura, Beachhead, Roadblock]

Bravo Class Vehicles Wave 1
Ghost Hawk II
Cobra HISS Tank

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