Friday, March 11, 2011

NEWS: Marvel Universe Multi-Packs Pre-Order at BBTS

Big Bad Toy Store is taking  Pre-Orders on the upcoming Original Avengers and X-Force team packs.

The Original Avengers pack - a five-character set consisting of Thor (in what appears to be his classic costume), Iron Man (repaint of Original Costume Iron Man), Hulk (new sculpt) and two mini-figures of Wasp and Ant-Man (both new to this set.)

The X-Force pack contains Wolverine, Warpath and Deadpool, all in their X-Force silver costumes.

Each of the sets are listed at BBTS for $23.99, although this may not be the final RRP. There's also a double-pack combining both for $44.99. Both sets will be available in July 2011. 

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