Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEWS: More Mini-Skekiltor, Oculus Viri First Shot


Yesterday we took our first look at oOMoSOo's Mini-Skekiltor, a Monster In My Pocket-scale version of the character originally released in collaboration with the sadly defunct Halfbad Toyz.

Today we've some more shots of the mini Mace of Hades, plus the first image of the companion-piece, Oculus Viri.

No word yet on when oOMoSOo will be releasing these mini-figures but until then, here's a few extra shots of the original prototypes (the final figures will be cast from a single colour in homage to the Monster In My Pocket/MUSCLE figures) for you to enjoy, including that first shot of line-mate, Oculus Viri.


  1. Reminds me of the Inhumanoid figures from the late '80's.

  2. Yeah, I never noticed that but you're right.


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