Friday, September 30, 2011

NEWS: Mortal Kombat Returning To Big Screen

It seems we weren't the only ones to watch Kevin Tancharoen's web-based modernisation of Mortal Kombat, as New Line announces the hiring of the director to helm a new big-screen adaptation of the popular videogame franchise.

A long-term fan of the fighting game series, Tancharoen was the driving force behind Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, a proof of concept short movie the director produced to pitch a newer, grittier take on the franchise. Although Rebirth didn't land Tancharoen the movie deal he was looking for (despite clocking-up over 10 million Youtube views), it did pave the way for the web-based series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Now it appears the success of that mini-series has persuaded New Line that perhaps there is still life in the videogame-to-screen franchise and has approached Tanchareon to direct. Oren Uziel, writer of MK: Rebirth, is penning the new reboot, which is being produced by Dave Neustadter and Walter Hamada. 

Mortal Kombat is scheduled for a 2013 release.


  1. Wow! I hope it is good because I did not care much for Legacy... The episode with Cyrax was great though!

  2. I've a feeling it may take a similar approach to Legacy...

  3. Well hopefully they will give him a big budget, because I was very disappointed with Baraka's look. I could even do better so someone fund me! Lol!


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