Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEWS: 3A Microman Prototype Spotted?

We brought you the news earlier this year that 3A was developing a new line of Microman toys. Today we bring you what could be the first prototype.

Posted on the Micronauts/Microman Fans Group, with no other explanation than it was ''spotted on the 3A forum'' the image shows an original Takara Acroyear II figure standing beside what's alleged to be the 3A work-in-progress maquette.

Could this be legitimate? Given 3A's preference for 6''-tall figures, the above prototype is certainly the right size. But I'd also expect a little more of a fanfare if this is an official image (unless of course it's simply been leaked without 3A's knowledge.) Without the full background it's a tough one to call but hopefully we'll know more after the New York Comic Con.

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