Friday, October 21, 2011

NEWS: AMT ''Katch The Kat'' Chase Variants Revealed

Retro model kit specialist AMT has announced Katch the Kat - a line of special, chase variant models to be shipped alongside their regular kits.

From the press release:

SOUTH BEND, Indiana – 10/18/11 – The Kats at AMT® are excited to introduce the new "Katch the Kat" collector kit chase program! For select models, one kit in every master carton will be molded in a special color! This special version will not be discernible from kits molded in the standard color by outer packaging markings.

John Greczula, Brand Manager for AMT, explains, “The only way to know you’ve found a ‘KAT KIT’ molded in the special alternate color is by opening the box! This gives everyone a fair chance to find one of the special KAT KIT models.

The first model in the Katch the Kat program will be Grandpa Munster’s Drag-U-La®, from the iconic 1960s TV show “The Munsters.” Standard production color for the coffin-shaped hot rod will be black, but the special KAT KIT chase version of this wild show rod will be molded in a dazzling translucent metallic gold plastic. One kit in every 12-piece case will be a golden Drag-U-La.

The second model in the Katch the Kat program will be the Meyers Manx dune buggy. Standard production will be molded in white, while the KAT KIT version (one model in every case) will be a brilliant metallic red plastic!

Additionally, there is an option for collectors who don’t want to leave finding a particular KAT KIT model to chance. Auto World’s online store, at, and the new retail location in Mishawaka, Indiana, will offer the uniquely colored models in a limited run at premium prices. The Drag-U-La will be available at the Auto World Store in the same metallic gold as the KAT KIT version. However, Auto World’s exclusive version of AMT’s Meyers Manx kit is being produced in metallic purple, and will be available only through the Store. Auto World’s limited run versions have a sticker added to the shrink wrap, indicating the special color they are molded in. Standard versions of the kits will of course be available through Auto World as well.

As the holiday season approaches, these two exciting kits will be arriving in your favorite hobby shops! Build ‘em, collect ‘em and Katch the KAT!

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