Friday, October 21, 2011

NEWS: First World of Warcraft Mega Blok Figure Revealed

As we reported earlier this year, Mega Brands has partnered with Massive Multiplayer Online Game developer Blizzard to design and release a line of World of Warcraft Mega Blok figures.

Now ahead of this year's BlizzCon - the annual developer-hosted event for fans of their games - comes the reveal of the first Mega Bloks World of Warcraft figure.  The mini-figure of Thrall - a pivotal figure in World of Warcraft's lore - is only available to attendees of this year's BlizzCon but it certainly gives an idea as to what to expect when the ''regular'' figures hit retail.

You can see more at Tomopop, along with a preview of the other Con-exclusive goodies.


  1. Curious to see what they have planned.

  2. I could see these figures working pretty well, especially if they do variants of each race/class combo to allow you to create your own character.

  3. I have not played World of Warcraft, but back in the day played Warcraft III and the expansion. I like MEGA Bloks and hope these turn out good..

  4. The Mega Bloks figures are pretty good - for what they are. These could be pretty cool.


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