Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEWS: Marvel's The Avengers Toys at NYCC Preview

Ahead of this year's New York Comic Con, The ToyArk has a number of shots taken during the Con's preview event showcasing the tie-in toys from the upcoming Marvel's The Avengers.

Hasbro is planning a two-pronged assault, scale-wise, with both 3.75'' and 6'' figures being produced to coincide with the movie's release next year. Although I usually prefer the ''authentic'' comicbook-look for my figures, I have to admit that these toys do look pretty cool.

UPDATE: Here's another gallery of images from Marvelous News.


  1. They're decent, but Hawkeye is kinda dull.

  2. I thought that about the movie costume, too. It does look like him though!

  3. Black Widow looks a bit strange, but I will still pick these up.

  4. Yeah, the sculpt is nice, although her head/hair is odd. Hopefully it's a prototype!


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