Monday, October 24, 2011

NEWS: The Punisher - The Fox TV Show

ABC Studios - not content with developing on-going Hulk, Cloak & Dagger and Alias Jessica Jones TV shows - has turned its attention to one-note vigilante, The Punisher.

As reported over the weekend by Variety, ABC Studios has sold what's described as an ''hourlong [sic] procedural'' based on the popular Marvel character to Fox.

The show will focus on Frank Castle, an NYPD officer who adopts the guise of The Punisher to bring justice to those above the law. How closely this show will follow the comicbook isn't clear (the article makes no mention of Castle's slain family, for example, which is a cornerstone of the character's origin) or just how Fox plan to pitch the character to a - presumably - prime-time television audience, given the rather violent nature of the comics.

The Punisher will be produced by co-creator of NBC's Criminal Minds and former police officer, Ed Bernero.

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