Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEWS: Round 2's ''1 Run Of Fun'' Model Kits

For kids that grew-up in the 60s and 70s who were fans of the outre, monster model kits were a big deal. Now you can see why for yourself, as Round 2 brings back the freaky fun of monster model-making with a limited-run of re-issued classic kits they're calling the ''1 Run of Fun'' line.

As reported at Action Figure Insider, Round 2 is re-issuing some of the classic monster models of yesteryear - including the very cool Strange Change Mummy and Vampire - as part of a limited-run of kits designed to appeal to a smaller market segment.

From the press release:

In order to produce the widest variety of kits possible and offer something for everybody, select kits appealing to specific groups of modeling enthusiasts, will be produced once, in a very limited quantity, to satisfy a conservative demand. Kits in the program will have a “1 Run of Fun” sticker affixed to their boxes. When consumers see this sticker, they need to act quickly and get the product while they can to avoid disappointment, because once its gone, it’s gone!

“The vintage tooling vault for AMT and MPC holds many wonderful kits,” said AMT brand manager John Greczula. “Some of them are highly sought after, but by smaller segments of the overall modeling market. We understand they won’t necessarily appeal to everyone. So, we’ll be running the kits once, to satisfy those who do want them and that’s it!”

The first three kits to be issued in the series are MPC’s Strange Change Mummy and Vampire, and AMT’s Bigfoot Creature. The Strange Change Mummy and Vampire kits are re-releases of vintage kits with moving parts for spooky “magical” effects. The AMT Bigfoot Creature kit is being re-released for the first time in 30 years. This deluxe monster kit includes a display base and comes with glow in the dark parts! Round 2 is proud to say that all three of these kits will be entirely made in the USA! The kits will be on hobby store shelves in October, but they won’t last long!

The first three releases should be in stores now.


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