Thursday, October 27, 2011

NEWS: Six Million Dollar Man's Bigfoot

Earlier this month we brought you the news that Bif Bang Pow! had secured the rights to produce a line of 8'' tall retro-style dolls based upon the 70s sci-fi classic show The Six Million Dollar Man. Now we bring you news of one of the first figures set to be released, a modern-yet-vintage take on the very awesome original Bigfoot toy.

In an update to their blog Bif Bang Pow!'s designers released the above shot, giving us our first look at this retro-modern take on Kenner's classic. Sporting a cool fur suit and head sculpt that's much closer to the on-screen character (even if he does look a little like Barry White), the Six Million Dollar Man Bigfoot stands at 9 1/4'' tall - a whopping 1 1/4'' taller than the regular-scale figures. OK, so as Bif Bang Pow! admit, it should really be 9 3/4'' tall but what's half an inch between friends?

The first wave of Six Million Dollar Man 8'' retro figures will be available to pre-order later this year.


  1. Must get some of these! I hope we see Mask-A-Tron too.

  2. Ha! Yeah, that would be cool.


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