Monday, October 17, 2011

NEWS: Star Wars Fighter Pods Unveiled at NYCC

If they're not trying to make the next Gogo's Crazy Bones, it seems most toy manufacturers are trying to snap-up some of the Squinkies market for themselves, as Hasbro's new Star Wars toy line illustrates.

Star Wars Fighter Pods - as they're dubbed - feature an assortment of small-scale vehicles and soft, squishy character figures, a gallery of which you can view at The ToyArk. Although a few packaging shots (such as the one above) are included, we don't have any details on whether we can expect to see these mini-figures blind-bagged or if they'll only be available in larger play sets.

I have to admit for all my cynicism, these figures appear to be nicely-painted and I'm sure fans of Lucas' double-trilogy will enjoy them.

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