Friday, October 14, 2011

SPONSORED LINK: GI Joe 30th Anniversary 7 Figure Packs

We brought you the news yesterday that our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store had been selected by Hasbro to be the exclusive retailer of two new seven-figure GI Joe 30th Anniversary packs. Now Big Bad Toy Store is taking Pre-Orders on the sets and offering some very cool deals.

The Slaughter's Marauders pack features a mix of re-issue and new GI Joes (Spirit, Red Dog, Mercer, Falcon, Low-Light, Barbeque and Bull) and is available to Pre-Order now at $49.99.

The Dreadnoks pack features seven of the biker gang's toughest members (Road Pig, Zanzibar, Gnawgahyde, Burn Out, Zanya, Zandar and Thrasher) and - like the GI Joe team pack - can be Pre-Ordered for $49.99.

But that's not all: BBTS is offering a price-saving combo pack, featuring both seven-figure packs which, when Pre-Ordered together, can be yours for $89.99. Still not enough of a saving? Then combine it with the two GI Joe Resolute seven-figure packs and get all four for $124.99.

Just make sure you act fast, as these prices won't be held forever.

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