Monday, October 10, 2011

STOREWATCH: Ross Dress For Less, October 10th

Welcome to Storewatch, a new, semi-regular feature where we report on various toy sightings, by store.

Today it's the turn of overstock specialist Ross Dress For Less. What wonders await on their (rather chaotic) shelves?

Disclaimer: Before we start it's worth pointing out that the following report is based on sightings from various Ross stores in Georgia. Your experience may differ!

Iron Man 2
Hasbro's Iron Man 2 toys have been available for some time at Ross but this month saw the single carded figures landing at the discount outlet. The last wave of Comic Series figures (including Ultimate Iron Man and Whiplash) are rumoured to be among these figures.

Also worth checking out is the Rolling Battle Headquarters, a vehicle-cum-play-set designed for use with 3 3/4'' sized figures, which is currently retailing at just $16.99.

GI Joe
Ross Dress For Less and GI Joe have always had a close relationship. Whenever Hasbro elect not to give a full release to a toy from the GI Joe line, you can expect to see it land at Ross, plus there's always an stock of unsold Rise of Cobra figures to be had, although this is old news to collectors of the Real American Hero. What may be news though is that - at least in my local Ross - the ''cancelled'' Wave 3 Alpha Vehicles are being marked-down to a ridiculously low $6.99.

Monster High
Much like the Iron Man 2 Rolling Battle Headquarters, the Monster High dolls are still available at ''regular'' retailers but Ross has the 11'' dolls in stock for a substantially lower price. So if you're a fan of the ghoulish gals and guys of Monster High, check your local Ross store before buying.

Tron Legacy
Despite being a great movie, the Tron Legacy toys were something of a disappointment. At least at full price. But now, thanks to Ross, you'll find an assortment of the toys for a much lower - and more palatable - price. Bargains include the 3 3/4'' scale Light Cycle for around $6 and the deluxe light-up 12'' figures for under $10.

Dragon Universe
I'm not overly familiar with Mega Bloks' Dragon Universe toys but I have to admit that every time I see them I'm tempted to give them a go and with Ross currently carrying a selection of the Predavor dragon figures/kits (including Ironclaw, Torchwing and Clawripper) for just $6.99 per set, I may do so very soon.

Marvel Mega Bloks
While we're on the subject of Mega Bloks, Ross also stocks a selection of Marvel play-sets and larger scale, Bionicle-esque Iron Man figures/kits, with prices starting at around $6.

That's it for now, but if you've any Ross-based sightings you'd like to share, feel free to use the Comments section below.

Until next time...!


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