Tuesday, October 11, 2011

VIDEO VIEW: Atomic Martians Toy Reviews Presents: The Cheapie Awards 2011

The Cheapie Awards is an annual tradition at Atomic Martians, where Matt, Jay and Jason go head-to-head (-to-head) to find the ''best'' cheap toy. In this year's Cheapie Awards the trio sought-out some of the most  awesome (and yes, I mean that in its original sense) toys for the contest, which were then presented to a panel of guest judges.

And here are the results.

Just be warned: they may be toy geeks, but these guys (and gal) sure can swear.


  1. yea... the language got a little out of control. That's what happens when you add alcohol to toy reviews.

  2. Dude, I'm English. We swear like troopers. Makes no difference to me. I just wanted to warn the more sensitive sorts out there. :D

  3. And spookily enough in a Dollar General yesterday I spotted this and last year's winning toys...


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