Monday, October 24, 2011

VIDEO VIEW: Marvel Universe's Magneto and Iceman Review

Jason from Atomic Martians brings us this video review of the Marvel Universe Series 3 Magneto and Iceman figures.

Figure-quality aside, I have mixed feelings about this latest Wave, as I already own every single character appearing in this release. Granted, some are older bucks or alternative-costume versions but that still doesn't take away from the fact that this Wave really holds nothing new for me. On the plus-side though, it means I can save my cash for the upcoming GI Joe figures...


  1. If you get any figure from this wave, I would recommend the Tony Stark Iron Man. That really is a gorgeous looking figure.

  2. That's the problem I have with this wave - some of the figures do look great but I'm not sure I can really justify buying them, given that I already have a Magneto, Iceman, Wolverine, (multiple) Iron Man/Men and Wolverine (at least twice.) Granted, some of them are updates but I just can't get excited about them, as I already know what to expect...

    I dunno. Maybe if I see them in-person I might change my mind.


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