Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEWS: AMC Announces Sci-Fi Drama ''Thunderstruck''

AMC - riding high on the inexplicably-popular-despite-being-incredibly-dull TheWalking Dead - has announced a new genre project in the form of sci-fi drama Thunderstruck.

Written by Paul Boardman and Scott Derrickson - and produced by David Eick (no not that one) - Thunderstruck charts mankind's first contact with a race of enigmatic beings who appear at various points around the earth, their mission unknown. When one such being arrives in the Montana town of Great Falls, the local residents attempt to unravel the mystery - and deal with the consequences - of the entity's repeated visitations.

No word yet on an air date or casting details but we'll bring you more when we have it.

Source: Deadline.


  1. i was just listening yesterday to that song from AC/DC's album the Razors Edge. speaking of all things Thunder i saw some Thundercats action figures at Walmart yesterday i haven't seen you post anything about em but i can only assume you know about em yes?
    did i tell ya a couple of months ago i found an 80s Thundercats metal lunch box in a machine shop. it was being used to hold nuts and bolts and stuff like that. i "liberated" it of course and cleaned it up.
    on a not so high note on the TCs i must say the show is starting to slip into mediocrity again i wasn't too crazy about the last 2 episodes. they really need to get back on track with the story line from episodes 5-8.

  2. I picked-up the 4'' Lion-O figure when the toys first appeared on shelves and whilst it was an OK-to-good figure, I just didn't feel enough of a connection with it (or the line) to really get into collecting them. They're pretty good for what they are though and could have been much worse.

    And I think there are only a few episodes left before the Season 1 finale, so I'd expect it to pick-up a bit over the next week or so.


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