Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NEWS: Ask Matty - November 1st Edition

It's that time again, as Mattel address the queries, concerns and comments of their fan-base in another round of Ask Matty.

You can read the full Q&A session at Action Figure Insider but it's worth noting that, despite the cancellation of Club Ecto-1, Mattel is still moving forward with the Ghostbusters toy line:

The line is 100% NOT coming to a close. We did need to cut back from 6 to 4 figures for 2012 but there is a big future for the brand...  we do have plans to continue GB past 2012, just nothing set 100% to announce right now. The sub going away is not a sign of the line coming to an end.

There are also a couple of comments Masters Of The Universe Classics fans won't want to miss, plus a general bit of feedback regarding the actual Q&A format.

Meanwhile, over at The Fwoosh, hot topics include Voltron figure articulation, the future of the Ghostbusters line (again) and some very cool Masters Of The Universe filmation discussions.

And speaking of Masters Of the Universe, MOTUCFigures.com has a host of Eternia-related Q & A for you to enjoy.

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