Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NEWS: Doctor Who To Get Big Screen Treatment (Again)

The world's longest-running sci-fi show (and no, SyFy, despite what you may claim it's not Stargate SG-1) Doctor Who, is to be adapted for the big screen.

As reported at HitFix, the BBC has announced its intentions to bring everybody's favourite Gallifreyan to a wider audience and - to that end - has approached Harry Potter director David Yates to handle the task.

Although still in the early stages of development - Yates has stated a ''two to three year'' period would be required ''get it right'' - it's already clear that this new movie is intended as a stand-alone production and it will not be part of the established continuity. Yates commented that it would be ''a radical transformation to take it into a bigger arena'' and that he would be starting ''from scratch'' with this new franchise.

This is not the first time The Doctor has appeared on the big screen. In 1965 Peter Cushing played ''Doctor Who'' in a very loose adaptation of the show's Doctor Who And The Daleks story line, a role he reprised the following year in Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 AD. Both movies, however, bore little resemblance to the original's characters or concepts and are not seen as part of the show's regular continuity.

Doctor Who: Kicking Ass Across The Galaxy in 3D starring Taylor Lautner, Shia Labeouf and Selina Gomez is set for a Summer 2015 release.

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