Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NEWS: GI Joe 30th Anniversary Zombie-Viper and Lifeline Carded Images

Wanna see some images of the upcoming GI Joe 30th Anniversary Zombie-Viper and Lifeline in their packaging? Then read on!

Posted at the ACToys forum (and then re-posted at The HISS Tank) the images show the GI Joe team medic Lifeline (who thankfully appears to retain all the gear previously seen at the San Diego and New York Comic Cons), plus what's bound to be a massive hit with fans of Army Building, the Zombie-Viper. And yes, he comes with an interchangeable arm piece/tentacle.

Expect to see this latest wave of figures landing at retail later this month.


  1. Am thinking am adding Zombie-Viper to my "wanted" list.

  2. I need that one, too. I mean thousands of them!!!

  3. I mean that zombie viper of course ;)


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