Monday, November 7, 2011

NEWS: GI Joe Renegades Storm Shadow Packaging Shots

One thing that I've found frustrating/disappointing with the GI Joe: Renegades figures is gear included with each figure. It's either a case of the bundled equipment being pretty poor, with unpainted or poorly-detailed pieces, or figures shipping with half the promised items removed at the last moment.

Thankfully it looks as if that's about to change with the upcoming release of Storm Shadow.

At least if the pictures posted over at The HISS Tank (originally spotted at the ACTOYS forum) are anything to go by.

Unlike Snake Eyes, it appears the Cobra Ninja may be shipping with a full roster of accessories - including an alternate head for those of you who don't dig the sideburns-style mask.

Expect to see Storm Shadow on shelves soon.


  1. Yeah, I'm pleased to see it looks as if he's going to actually have more than just a monotone pointy stick and a hat...


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