Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NEWS: DC Universe All-Stars Sneak Peek

Matty Collector has just added some details - and rather small images - of the first wave of figures from their upcoming new DC Universe All-Stars range.

DC Universe All-Stars is Mattel's new 6'' figure line, designed to replace the no-longer-being-released-to-retail DC Universe Classics line, which will continue as a direct-to-consumer line available through Matty Collector's Club Infinite Earths collector club.

The first four-figure wave is set for a 2012 release and features Orange Lantern Larfleeze, Superboy Prime, Flashpoint Plastic Man and Batman from the Batman Beyond series. 

Whilst these figures - as always - look excellent, I can't help but be surprised by the character choices here, given the line-up's name (All-Stars) and the fact that these are figures being released to the mass market... 


  1. I'll be happy to have another opportunity to get the batman beyond figure at a reasonable price (when compared to the secondary market), but the others are going to be a pass.

  2. I know. For a ''new'' line of figures this is a bit of a misfire. Considering it's supposed to ''compliment'' the DCU Classics subscription-only figures (and the point of that line is to flesh-out the line with more obscure characters) it makes me wonder just how obscure *those* figures are going to be... Arm-Fall-Off Boy and the Duke of Oil?


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