Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEWS: Random Monsters from Adam Pratt Art

Here's the Master Devil Warlock, a custom, one-off piece created by Adam Pratt as part of his Random Monster line. Retailing at a ridiculously low $20, Master Devil Warlock is a one-of-a-kind collectible action figure (yes, he's articulated) featuring a hand-painted colour scheme and his own header card. 

And if Master Devil Warlocks aren't your bag, there's also the Skeleton Centaur Thing, the second figure in the new (and hopefully ongoing) line. Again, he's a hand-painted, one-off figure created exclusively by Adam. Both are available in the Adam Pratt Art online store.

The best thing to happen to D&D since Community's ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?'' I certainly think so!

UPDATE: Adam has just informed me that the Skeleton Centaur Thing has just been sold. On the plus-side though, he's promising more additions to this new line, so we'll bring you more on that when we have it.

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