Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEWS: New 6'' ThunderCats Classic Figures Revealed

Bandai has announced it's to scale-back production of its 8'' ThunderCats Classics toys in favour of a new range of 6'' figures.

As revealed by Bandai's Brehan Maul during this interview with MTV Geek, the 8'' line will continue in a ''limited edition'' capacity but the company sees the 6'' scale as the real future of the ThunderCats Classics line. Fans will also be interested to hear his thoughts on the scope of the modern line, Bandai's plans for the Wily Twins and more.

Check out the images of the new 6'' Lion-O and Mumm-Ra below - and don't forget to read the interview at MTV Geek.


  1. That sucks that they changed sizes already. I was looking forward to getting more 8 inch figures.

    That Lion-O and Mumm-Ra though look really nice.

  2. From what I can gather they're planning at least one more 8'' release (and maybe a few more) but the focus will be on 6 and 4'' from now on.


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