Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NEWS: Universal Developing Sequel To The Wolfman

Despite poor box office returns (and being a bit rubbish), Universal's 2010 version of The Wolfman is to be followed-up with a direct-to-video sequel.

The Wolfman - which starred Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving - updated the classic Universal Monster movie with a grittier story, more visceral deaths and digital effects. Although a bold attempt to build upon the original's mythos, the movie failed to excite audiences or impress critics. Now however, Universal has announced that a sequel is in the works, starring Stephen Rea, Ed Quinn and Nia Peoples.

The movie amps up the action and the werewolf count with a tale set in an unnamed 19th century European village where a werewolf attack draws bounty hunters, thrill seekers and charlatans. A young man studying under a local doctor joins a team of bounty hunters but “it soon becomes clear that this creature is stronger, smarter and more dangerous than anything they have faced before. As casualties mount and villagers see their neighbors transformed into ravening monsters, the townsfolk take up arms against each other to find the true identity of the werewolf,” according to the studio.

Shooting on the as-yet-unnamed sequel began - rather fittingly - yesterday, with a view to an October 2012 release.

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