Friday, November 18, 2011

SPONSORED LINK: Mega Scale ThunderCats Mumm-Ra

ThunderCats fans with an eye for a bargain won't want to miss-out on this awesome Mega Scale Mumm-Ra.

Standing at FOURTEEN INCHES TALL(!) this amazing piece will be released in May 2012 but is available now to pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store for the incredibly low price of just $34.99 - that's $5 off the RRP.


  1. This one is going on my list now too! It will go along great with my Mega Scale Lion-O. : )

  2. speaking of Mumm-Ra they better get him back in the script other wise he might get out shined as the main by Grune. this week's Thundercats episode wasn't bad. check out what i put together this weekend using some free software through Youtube:

  3. Cool video!

    And yeah, the ending looked to set it up as if Mumm-Ra will be more prominent next week. Of course, the problem with all-powerful bad guys is if they ARE all-powerful, your heroes lose all the time. If they're not and the villain is beaten every week, then it makes them appear less of a threat...


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