Friday, December 9, 2011

NEWS: Bio-Buildman from Troy Stith

The Glyos universe continues to grow with this latest addition, the Bio-Buildman from Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith.

Based on the Glyos Buildman, Troy's Bio-Buildman adds a more organic element to the figure's design. Like the original, Troy has also incorporated a slightly abstract sense to the asymmetrical elements, meaning you can switch limbs from multiple Bio-buildmen to create minor variations in your creations - for example, a figure built using two ''left'' arms will have a different look to one using two ''right'' arms.

No word as to whether Troy will be producing larger runs of this figure or simply releasing a few custom versions based on this prototype sculpt, but we'll keep you posted.

See more at Troy's Flickr page.

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