Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NEWS: Bio-Buildman Pre-Orders!

Troy Stith of Gorilla Mouth has just added a tonne of new information on his upcoming project, the Bio-Buildman - including details on how to pre-order one for yourself. 

Hailing from the murky marshes of Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman are an organically reptilian race of hunters. Upon hatching, they're left to tend to themselves. While young, the Bio-Buildman live on instinct that turns to cunning shrewdness as they age. Each Bio-Buildman's carapace armor and weaponry grows specifically to the survival needs of each individual. 

The planet of Sesar IV is full of ever-changing alliances of Bio-Buildman. But one thing remains clear to all who've tried to lay their claim to Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman will unite and crush any foe that encroaches on their territory.

The Bio-Buildman is a custom, resin-cast figure based upon the Glyos Buildman Gendrone, as produced by Onell Design. It's fully compatible with all Glyos figures and features thirteen pieces - which Troy is also offering individually (a great idea, in my view!)

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