Monday, December 19, 2011

NEWS: Dr Evil To Battle Captain Action in 2012

Fans of retro action figure, Captain Action, will be pleased to hear that when he returns in 2012, he won't be alone...

Round 2 has announced that the costume-swapping hero Captain Action - set for release in March 2012 - will be joined in July by his nemesis, the equally-adept-at-assuming-other-identities Dr Evil.

"Every good hero needs an evil counterpart, and who’s more evil than the original Dr. Evil?" said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises.

As reported at, the new figure will be created from all new sculpts and molds, and even add one creative innovation: The new Dr. Evil will have interchangeable brains. "The figure will come with three different brains: a battle brain, a brilliant brain and a bionic brain," said Mike Murphy, Creative Director at Round 2. "Fans will be able to swap the brains in and out of his head with each one having a specific purpose that will aid Dr. Evil to carry out his diabolical schemes!"

Captain Action will be released in March 2012.


  1. I think i will be trying to get a Captain Action figure this coming year if i can. : )

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty cool-looking figure. I may have to try and get the pair...


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