Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NEWS: Masters Of The Universe Classics 2012 Pack Shots

Matty Collector has just posted a bunch of new images, showing the upcoming line-up of Masters Of The Universe Classics figures for 2012. Check them out after the jump.

Both The Sorceress and Fisto will be released through the Club Eternia subscription service, with The Sorceress arriving in January and Fisto the following month. Matty Collector has promised that although production numbers will be down (due to the lower uptake of subscriptions), The Sorceress will be produced in a slightly larger run to meet potential demand.

Fearless Photog is the first of the 6 planned 30th Anniversary figures and is the winner of the Create A Vintage Figure contest. Photog goes on sale on January 15th 2012, as a Matty Collector-exclusive release.

Finally The Shadow Weaver will be released as a Club Eternia-exclusive and will not be sold through Matty Collector.

 Learn more at the Matty Collector site.


  1. Fist-O! Now your talking always like this character he reminds me of a circus strongman lol.

  2. Yeah. And I like that facial hair is still big on Eternia.


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