Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NEWS: Reign Of Superman Toys Cancelled?

A couple of days ago, Big Bad Toy Store added a line of figures from Mattel's Reign of Superman range to their inventory. Now - as reported by The ToyArk - the online store has removed the listing. Upon further investigation it appears Mattel has cancelled the proposed line, news that comes on the tails of their announcement to scale-back production of the Masters Of The Universe Classics line.

Although I personally had no plans to pick-up these figures and I don't collect the Masters Of The Universe Classics figures, it's still worrying to see the world's largest toy manufacturer scaling-down their production numbers.

More when we have it.


  1. This doesn't really surprise me with how tight money is for everyone and people being more selective in what they want to buy. I think the Super-Man line wouldn't do as well as they would want vs the Batman stuff which remains popular and with Masters i think it does well but people get frustrated with MattyCollector.Com and lack of product they want which Mattel keeps low to save on overhead so as not be sitting on hundreds of Beastmen or Orkos. You can't win to lose really.

  2. Yeah, it's a shame, as they could have been pretty good. Oh well.


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