Friday, January 13, 2012

NEWS: BBC's Aliens Vs Wizards

No, it's not the latest entry in the Alien franchise. Aliens Vs Wizards is the new CBBC show from the mind of writer Russell T. Davies.

As reported at Bleeding Cool, the new show sounds like a spiritual successor to the immensely popular (and rightly so) The Sarah Jane Adventures, the production of which was sadly cut-short by the untimely passing of its lead, Lis Sladen, last year.

Sarah Jane Adventures head writer Phil Ford is credited as co-creator on the show, which will also feature episodes penned by Gareth Roberts and Joseph Lidster - who previously worked with Davies on... The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The BBC is so confident in the show's potential that they've already committed to a second season.

The first of the twelve, half-hour episodes has yet to receive an air date (not surprising, given that the show hasn't started filming yet) but we'll hopefully have more on this soon.

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