Thursday, January 12, 2012

NEWS: DC Re-Launching Dial H For Hero

As DC continues to reboot and re-imagine its characters as part of the ''New 52'' so they've turned their attention to the quirky 60s superhero title, Dial H For Hero.

The original Dial H For Hero centered on the effects of a mysterious phone-like dial, which could be used to temporarily grant random superpowers to its user by ''dialing'' the letters H-E-R-O. Debuting in House of Mystery in 1966, Dial H For Hero was a regular back-up and ''guest star'' in a number of other titles, with an 80s and then 2000 revival seeing the ''H-Dial'' mythology further explored.

Now Bleeding Cool brings us the news that horror-fantasy author China MiƩville will be writing Dial H, one of six new ongoing titles DC is adding to their regular output (the others being Earth 2, Batman Incorporated, GI Combat, World's Finest and The Ravagers.) Industry veteran Brian Bolland will be providing covers for the new Dial H comic series, although there's no word on who'll be handling illustration duties.

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