Friday, January 13, 2012

NEWS: Live Action Green Arrow TV Show In Development

With ABC developing a series of Marvel-based shows (no surprise, given that Disney owns both ABC and The House Of Ideas), it comes as no surprise to learn that Time-Warner isn't resting on its laurels. Following the success - and subsequent completion - of Smallville - AKA Superman: The Early Years, we've also heard rumours of TV shows based on the characters of Deadman and The Spectre. 

Now we can add another potential adaptation to the mix in the form of The Green Arrow.

Entertainment Weekly reports that channel The CW is looking to repeat the success it enjoyed with Smallville and is eyeing The Green Arrow as a potential candidate to do just that.

Fans of Smallville will know that The Green Arrow - a crimefighter who uses his prowess with the bow and a line of ''trick'' arrows (and coincidentally, predates comicdom's other famous archer Hawkeye of The Avengers by a good 20 years) - has already appeared in the show. But this new series will be a new start for the character and there's no word yet as to whether he'll exist in the same continuity as The CW's take on the Man of Steel, former Green Arrow Justin Hartley will not be reprising the role.

The Green Arrow - if it gets past the pilot stage - will helmed by producer/writer Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim (Flashfoward) and Andrew Kreisberg (who also happens to have worked on the Green Arrow comicbook.)

Read more at Entertainment Weekly.

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