Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEWS: Marvel Universe Figures Price Hike

Fellow toy enthusiast and blogger Aeries0083 has just posted a very interesting observation about his local Target store and - specifically - the prices they're now charging for figures in the Marvel Universe line. 

As the above image shows, the Greatest Battles Comic Packs are now selling in stores in the New York area for a staggering $21.99 - a rise of $3 on the previous price, according to Aeries0083. Although prices aren't quite that high in my home state, a $3 price hike would still put these double figure sets just shy of the $20 mark. I really don't know if I'd be willing to pay that...

He also states that some single carded figures are retailing in New York for around $10. Here's hoping this is simply a tourist-trapping price and we're not going to see a countrywide rise of the same proportions.


  1. Ha, that price is ridiculous! They do not even come with figure stands... I have not purchased one of these double-packs because I have not seen one that is worth it yet. If the MU line increases, my money will be going somewhere else unless I see a figure I really like.

    1. What I really dislike is how many duplicate figures they bundle. I think pretty much every pack that's come out and is coming out (with one exception) features a previously-released figure. So in effect you're paying $20 for one toy.


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