Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NEWS: More Marvel's The Avengers Toy Details

A few new details of the Marvel's The Avengers toy line have emerged.

During their live ''toy blog'' at Marvel.com, Hasbro's designers shared a few scraps of information relating to the line, some of which we already knew, some we expected and some points we didn't. You can read the full blog at Marvel's site or check The ToyArk's picks, but here are three comments that caught my eye:
  • We have planned over 15 different figures in our AVENGERS 3 3/4 in product line, however we have many more within MARVEL UNIVERSE -- as well as figures at other scales within the AVENGERS line. 
  • Most of our AVENGERS figures will be movie series, but we did mix in some 'classic' for Marvel fans. Regarding variants....our lips are sealed! 
  • Yes we have more vehicles than ever! The new AVENGERS movie has given us some great material to work with...watch out for more news at New York Toy Fair !
Hasbro also released some new images of the toys in action, including our first look at Black Widow and Hawkeye.

The first wave of figures from Marvel's The Avengers are landing at stores as we speak but expect to see more ahead of the movie's release this Summer.


  1. Wow! Those figs are arriving pretty early. I hope we get them here in the Philippines too, as soon as possible.

    1. I think I'll probably be cherry-picking this line. I'm not a massive fan of ''movie series'' figures, to be honest and I much prefer the comic-authentic style of figure. We'll see...

  2. i was browsing some toy sites earlier today and i stumbled upon a video review of the captain america fig from the avengers line. the fig doesn't have wrist articulation, it also doesn't have a mid-torso joint nor a waist swivel, and the ankle joints are gone too.

    after seeing the review, i'm not sure if i'm still going to patronize this line. the vehicles are promising though, and i'm looking forward to the quinjet and hellicarrier which is said to be 3 feet long.

    by the way, may i ask from which country are you from?

    1. That's disappointing but not entirely unexpected. I'm hoping Hasbro doesn't try to pull the same crap with the GI Joe: Retaliation figures. The vehicles sound cool though!

      And I spent most of my life in the UK (hence the ''English-English'' spelling) but live in the US now.


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