Friday, January 13, 2012

NEWS: MOTUC Star Sisters Pack Fee To Be Split In Two

Next week sees the release of the three-figure ''Star Sisters'' pack from the Masters Of The Universe Classics line, as sold via Matty Collector and available as part of the Club Eternia subscription.

The pack - which retails at $60 (that's $40 more than the usual, single-figure price) - has been brought forward from its original February release, a change  many collectors of the line probably didn't budget for. To address this, Matty Collector has emailed Club Eternia members offering a solution.

As reported at, payment for the Star Sisters pack will be split into two installments, which will hopefully cushion the blow of the extra payout.

Here's the email in full:

Dear Club Eternia® Subscriber,

As you probably know, the figure originally scheduled for shipment in January was rescheduled for February. In order to provide you with a Club figure for January, we're going to ship out the Star Sisters™ 3-pack initially planned for February.

The price of this 3-pack is $60 (plus shipping/taxes/fees) when purchased through the Club Eternia® subscription*, as announced at San Diego Comic-Con. To help customers who only budgeted for a $20 figure in January, we will bill you in two "installments" to make up the difference. Here's how it will work:

•On Friday, January 13, 2012, Star Sisters™ packs will begin shipping to all 2012 Club Eternia® subscribers. As a subscriber, you will receive an email notification that the product has shipped and your card has been charged $20 (the amount that was pre-authorized when you initially purchased your 2012 Club Eternia® subscription). The charge will be shown as " Club Eternia 2012 Subscription – Initial Figure."

•On Friday, January 20, 2012, you will receive an email notification that your card has been charged the balance of $40. Your product will have already shipped, so this is a notification of the charge only. The charge will be shown as "Club Eternia 2012 Subscription - Star Sisters Second Installment ($40)." A document in PDF format will be attached that provides a summary. This will conclude your January shipment.

Please note that this will NOT affect shipping time! The Star Sisters™ 3-pack will begin shipping Friday, January 13th, per the usual process. It is only the payment that will be split into two installments. The total number of figures you'll receive in 2012 and the total amount you'll pay in 2012 will not vary from the subscription you signed up for – the only change is that the charge for Star Sisters™ is being split.

All February products have been verified for a timely arrival and are scheduled to begin shipping two business days prior to the February 15th sale date, as usual. February's figures are: 

•Sorceress® - Club Eternia® figure
•Fisto™ – Club Eternia® figure
•Shadow Weaver & Preternia™ Map – 2012 Club Eternia® exclusive figure & bonus

In summary, you will receive the Star Sisters™ 3-pack for January. You will be billed $20 on 1/13/12 and $40 on 1/20/12, for a total of $60. If you have questions, please give us a call at 877-GO-MATTY or email us at We appreciate your patience and look forward to delivering you the best Masters of the Universe® Classics figures to date!

*The price of $60 per pack is a benefit of your subscription. If you would like to purchase additional packs during our regular monthly website sale, the price is $66 each.

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