Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEWS: NUKED! Series 2 - First Character Concept Revealed

Meet Sam Atom, the first character to be revealed from the upcoming NUKED! Series 2 minifigures line.

As revealed at the PapaGrim Facebook Page, Sam Atom will join Series 1's Oculus Viri as one of the ''good'' mutants in his battle against the evil Skekiltor and Clawgrugg.

No word yet on when oOMoSOo will get round to sculpting this awesome-looking concept but in the meantime it looks like there are still a couple of packs of NUKED! Series 1 still at the PapaGrim Toys online store - and hopefully oOMoSOo will be releasing more colourways soon.


  1. Thanks for the post dude, should reveal concept #2 tonight.

    1. Nice - I'll look forward to seeing it!


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