Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NEWS: Sherlock News

If you haven't seen the finale Sherlock Season Two, you may want to skip piece, as it contains spoilers.

Fans of Conan Doyle's short stories will be familiar with the events of The Final Problem, in which Holmes and his nemesis Moriarty fall to their deaths. In the modern update's finale, The Reichenbach Fall (which takes its name from the site of Holmes' fall in the original story), Holmes is forced to leap from the roof of St Bartholomew's Hospital in order to save his friends.

Steven Moffat had mentioned in the past that Holmes ''might not survive'' the end of this season and - much like readers of the original story back in 1893 - we were lead to believe Holmes had indeed died in the fall. That is, until the final shot revealed Holmes had faked the whole thing but could not reveal this to Watson or any of his associates, for fear of endangering them once more.

Now Deadline confirms that a third Season of the hit drama has been commissioned and that Hobbit stars Cumberbatch and Freeman are both expected to reprise their roles. No firm word on a release date yet but given both actors' commitments, it's unlikely that filming of the third series will commence before the end of the year with a view to a 2013 air date.


  1. :D Cant wait!! It was bloody epic on Sunday! was internaly crying at some bits...

  2. It's an excellent show. I hope the PBS airings in the US get a wider audience, as more people deserve to see this show.


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