Friday, January 6, 2012

NEWS: Star Trek Online Now Free To Play

If you've ever fancied taking command of a starship, exploring strange, new worlds and snogging blue-skinned women, then now's your chance, as Cryptic Studios has just released the latest update to Star Trek Online, which now features a Free To Play subscription model.

Launched almost two years ago, Star Trek Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online game in which players are given command of their own ship within the Star Trek universe. They're then charged with seeking out new worlds, protecting the Federation from hostile invaders and generally whizzing about through space. Although initial reviews were generally pretty average, new content has been added regularly and developer Cryptic Studios has continued to refine and re-balance the game experience.

The latest update sees the game incorporate a new Free To Play model, which - as the name suggests - allows players to download and then play the game at no charge. Looking over the Features Matrix, it looks as if Cryptic is offering a pretty good deal to non-paying players, with very few features being restricted as subscriber-only options.

Although I enjoyed the Away Mission sections of the game, I found the space combat a little repetitive when I played the game last year. However, Cryptic has spent that time fine-tuning the game since my last experience, so I'll definitely be taking a look for myself now it's free.

You can learn more - and download the game client - at the Star Trek Online website.

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