Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NEWS: Stretch Armstrong Movie - Now Lautner-Free

With Battleships and The Micronauts both getting the big screen treatment (although the latter is still ''in development'' and probably will remain so for a number of years yet) it comes as no surprise to see Hasbro pimping their other brands for the big screen treatment.

Now it's the turn of the rubber-limbed, whatever-you-do-don't-puncture-him-otherwise-you'll-get-goo-everywhere action figure, Stretch Armstrong.

Originally to be produced by Universal and  intended as a post-Twilight vehicle for touchy-werewolf star Taylor Lautner (no, really), filming on Stretch Armstrong is now set to go ahead without the shirt-intolerant 19-year old following the finalisation of a new agreement between Hasbro and Relativity Media, according to The Wrap.

The failure of Universal and Hasbro to reach an agreement and the subsequent move to a new studio caused  a delay in the film's production and as a result, Lautner is no longer available to play the bendy strongman due to other commitments. Although there's been no announcement as to who'll be filling Armstrong's now-vacant Speedos, the new cast is expected to be revealed ''soon.''

Like many 70s toys, Stretch Armstrong had little in the way of backstory and, with no animated series or even comic to explain his powers or chart his adventures, it was up to the child who owned him to invent their own plots and character traits. Before using him as a makeshift weapon in a game of War. It's therefore unclear what, exactly, we can expect from the movie adaptation - beyond the fact that it's already scheduled for an April 11th 2014 release.

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