Friday, January 27, 2012

REVIEW: GI Joe Dreadnoks Battle Set

Produced by Hasbro | Released January 2012 [Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive]

Here's our round-up of our Reviews of the individual figures that comprise the Big Bad Toy Store-exclusive GI Joe Dreadnoks Battle Set seven-figure pack.

Dreadnoks Battle Set
Overall, the quality of this pack is very high, with some amazing figures (such as Zanya, Burn Out and Gnaw), some good figures (such as Road Pig and Zandar) and then a couple of weaker figures in the form of Dreadnok Thunder and - worst of the worst - Zanzibar.

Individual Reviews
We've compiled a list of each individual Review here to give you a better insight into just what to expect from the seven-figure pack.

Final Thoughts
For a pack that was - essentially - a gap-filler produced to appease fans wanting a seven-figure set, the Dreadnoks Battle Set is actually a very solid effort on Hasbro's part. Yes, they've re-used a lot of components and accessories from other figures and OK, so it's lumbered with a couple of poor figures but overall, this is a great collection. 

For fans of the older style of GI Joes (and the cartoons) this pack will evoke a lot of memories. For modern collectors, the pack may not have that resonance but that's still no reason to dismiss it. Burn Out, Zanya and Gnaw are particularly excellent figures, with the former being an excellent Pursuit of Cobra-style update to the original character fans of modern Joes will love.

Overall, it's a great pack and at $50 for seven figures, it represents pretty good value, too with a price comparable to what you'd pay for seven single-carded releases.

Final Score: A-

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