Thursday, January 26, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Matt Smith Discusses His Future With Doctor Who

Doctor Who's Matt Smith took a moment following his win at the UK National Television Awards to discuss his future with the show. His comments, however, appear to have left some fans puzzled as to how much longer he'll be playing the renegade Time Lord. On the one hand, he expresses his enjoyment of working on the show and that he has ''no plans to leave.'' But then states that he has ''I've got a year of Who and then I'll take if from there...''

Given that the year in question would coincide with the show's 50th Anniversary, could we be seeing the Doctor regenerate once more as part of the celebrations? I'd hope not, as Smith's Doctor is a joy to watch and has breathed new life into the show. But as he himself says, ''[Doctor Who] is bigger than all of us...''

Anyway, watch the video and decide for yourself.

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