Thursday, February 2, 2012

FEATURE: Five Thoughts About The GI Joe: Retaliation TV Spot

When the first theatrical teaser hit, Joe fans around the world pored over every second of the trailer looking for clues, details and insights into what we could expect when GI Joe: Retaliation lands in cinemas this Summer. I know we certainly did.

And now there's a new TV Spot trailer (intended to air during the Super Bowl) that reveals a little more about the movie, including a few more ''blink and you'll miss it'' moments...

1. Blind Master!
The opening sequence of the new TV spot shows Ninja-in-training Jinx... erm... in training. But what you may not have noticed is the presence of The Blind Master, as played by The RZA, standing to one side and looking very mystically at-one with the universe.

He also crops up later as Jinx is doing her water-splashing cartwheel.

2. Firefly!
We knew Ray Stevenson was playing pyrotechnics and explosives expert Firefly - hell, he even pops up in the original trailer. But for fans complaining that Firefly shouldn't be shown unmasked, here he is in all his obscured-face glory.

And we also get a good look at the new-look Cobra Commander.

3. Exploding Parachute Bike Of Doom
A rider - who looks suspiciously like Firefly - launches his motorcycle into some kind of facility, presumably to force his way in. But as he does so, take a closer look at his backpack. It's actually a parachute, which you can just see opening in the image below.

It may not be an earth-shattering moment of revelation or a particularly wow-inducing plot point but it is a cool idea and I like it.

4. A HISS Tank?
It seems every time any vehicle is spotted in a GI Joe: Retaliation promotional still, trailer or on-set report, we immediately assume it's a HISS Tank - and the vehicle pictured here is no exception. But this time I think it could indeed be what we've been waiting to see...

It's got tracks, it's well-armed and the front features the classic HISS Tank-styling. My money's on it being the HISS Tank. Or a HISS Scout at the least. Whatever it is, it looks funky and I'm hoping Hasbro give us a version of it.

5. ''Call Me Joe.''
Of course you can't have missed this moment between Joe Colton and Roadblock but in a trailer so filled with action and rapid-cut exploding Ninja tanks this is a just such a great little character moment that we had to include it.

So how about you? Are you excited to see this new trailer? Will you be seeing GI Joe: Retaliation when it lands this Summer? Have your say below!


  1. This movie and the Avengers are my must see movies this year.

    1. I'm more interested in this than The Avengers, to be honest.


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