Friday, February 10, 2012

NEWS: Dark Knight Rises, Before Watchmen Collectibles From DC Direct

DC has unveiled their upcoming lines of Before Watchmen and Dark Knight Rises statues. Click through to see more.

An update at the DC Universe Source Blog reveals that DC Direct will be releasing a number of high-quality resin statues and busts to coincide with the launch of the Watchmen prequel comics and the third of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman movies, The Dark Knight Rises.

It's difficult to say much about the Before Watchmen figurines, given that the comics aren't out yet. The pair of 9'' tall Rorschach and Comedian resin statues will be available ''later this year.''

Moving onto The Dark Knight Rises statuettes, which will be available in a variety of sizes (and therefore price-ranges) including the 13'' tall Batman, 12'' Bane and 7'' Catwoman from the ''Icons'' line. Presumably - based on the heights - the three images above are of these statues. 

DC Direct will also be releasing a line of 6.38'' tall statues and 6'' busts of the three characters.

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