Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEWS: Doctor Who Season 7 Filming Now Underway!

Season 7 of the BBC's Doctor Who began filming yesterday. Although we've still no firm news on when we can expect to see it on our screens, we do have a few other tidbits on filming, casting and more...

Be warned that the following may contain spoilers.

SFX has compiled the latest confirmations - along with some rumours and a bit of healthy speculataion - regarding just what we can expect to see this year.
  • Two ''classic'' monsters from the show's past will feature in the new season.
  • Mark Williams (The Fast Show, the Harry Potter series) will be guest-starring in an upcoming adventure. No word yet on his character's role.
  • It's been confirmed that Stephen Moffat will be joined by returning writers Toby Whitehouse (Being Human and Doctor Who's Vampires of Venice and School Reunion) and Chris Chibnall (The Hungry Earth, 42.) It's also rumoured that Mark Gatiss (The Unquiet Dead, Night Terrors) will be writing for the show. Similarly, Torchwood's John Fay is also rumoured to be contributing at least one script.
  • Alex Kingston is rumoured to be returning in the role of River Song.
  • The BBC has yet to announce the air dates but it's looking likely the show will return in the Fall/Autumn, with a mid-season hiatus over the Christmas period. Quite how this will affect the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2013 has yet to be seen...

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