Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEWS: Hot Toys Avengers Teaser

From Hot Toys' Facebook Page comes this teaser image and some insight into what we can expect to see coming our way as Hot Toys develop their Marvel's The Avengers line:

Following the great response of the announcement of Nick Fury from The Avengers, one of our largest campaigns this year, we believe that our fans just can’t wait to have a glimpse of the other members of the team! 

Glad to let our fans know that all characters are being developed in good progress now! Fans will be expecting the news of the collectibles of the characters from time to time before movie launches!

The Avengers were born! Fans, please stay tuned tight!


  1. I know for sure that I am picking up Captain America and Hulk. If Hawk-eye comes with a mask, I may swoop him as well.

    1. I don't think the movie Hawkeye wears a mask, does he?


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