Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEWS: Marvel Legends Klaw, Iron Man and Constrictor Review

The ever-dependable Marvelous News has the recently-released Constrictor, Iron Man and Klaw figures from the new Marvel Legends Wave 1 under the microscope in this rather cool three-character Review.

I have to admit that I wasn't that impressed with the figures when I saw them in Toys R Us (to me they seemed to be little more than slightly larger versions of the Marvel Universe figures I already own) and it's interesting to see I wasn't the only one turned-off by the lack of a decent paint job on Klaw...


  1. I went ahead and picked up Thor when I saw him, and he's a nice figure; but that body used for Klaw and Constrictor does nothing for me, especially that "diaper" effect it looks like Constrictor has going on him.

    1. I expected a lot more to be honest. Unless you're really into 6'' figures I'm not sure why anybody would buy these toys over the 4'' MU ones, which appear pretty much identical to me.


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