Friday, February 3, 2012

NEWS: More ''Cancelled'' GI Joe Toys Found At Retail

It's a month with an ''r'' in it, which means that there's another previously ''cancelled'' wave of GI Joe toys landing on shelves.

We've mentioned in the past that a number of toys produced by Hasbro - especially as part of the less-than-stellar-sales-producing Rise Of Cobra line - often wind-up getting a second-life at retail thanks to such discount outlets as TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross: Dress For Less. In the run-up to Christmas a number of collectors reported finding the former Toys R Us-exclusive Spirit Iron Knife and Quick Kick figures and the GI Joe: Resolute Battle Sets in their local Ross stores (although I personally haven't seen any of these figures - and trust me, I've been looking!)

Now HISS Tank poster Laurenluna1977 has managed to score the previously-only-available-in-Canada GI Joe Cycle Armor and HISS Scout vehicles, both of which were originally intended to form Series 3 of the Pursuit of Cobra Alpha Vehicle line.

As the (rather blurry) image shows, both toys carry Ross: Dress For Less pricing - and at a mere $8.99 each, they're very attractively priced. I'm sure collectors who shelled-out the aftermarket prices aren't so pleased about that though....

It's also interesting to note that the Cycle Armour uses the British/Canadian spelling.

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