Thursday, March 22, 2012

FEATURE: The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Assignment 7

It's time once again for another edition of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

This week, Brian from Cool and Collected posed the following question:

Which TV or movie hero do you want beside you when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

After giving it a lot of thought and exploring all the possibilities, I realized that - whilst there were people who with superpowers or an arsenal that could save me from the undead - there's another, better way simply choosing some ass-kicking superhero.

My pick is...  The Walking Dead's Lori Grimes.

Think about it: this is a woman with very little in the way of applicable post-apocalyptic skills and a minimum of firearms training, yet she's managed to survive where many other, more skilled people have failed. 

Fans of The Walking Dead will of course recognize why Lori is such a strong asset to any team. She's never, for example, cheated on her husband, been too preoccupied with other matters to keep her son safe, suggested to one of the female survivors protecting the camp that such tasks should be left to the men and that the women should instead concentrate on household chores, told her husband that his best friend - who may be the father of her unborn child - is dangerous and suggested he ''deal with it'' or shown any form of anger when he has indeed acted on her advice.

Oh wait...

Maybe I should have gone with the Balloon House Old Guy from Up instead. But hey, when the zombies do eventually catch up with us, if they get Lori before me at least I'll die happy...

Here's what the other League Members came up with:

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